Pure Channeling

Man has been communicating with the spiritual world since the dawn of time.

Through this communication, human beings wish to be guided and inspired by a higher intelligence, by intense wisdom and by a love that transports them.

Channeling session

I work with written channeling.

I receive messages and answers from the spiritual world in written form. Over the years, I've adopted 2 different approaches to this communication with the spiritual world:

The first is communication with guides and spiritual masters. I receive inspiring and wise messages. These messages answer questions put to the guides and spiritual masters.

The second approach is communication with loved ones who now live in the spiritual world. While the messages transmitted are also very wise and inspiring, they also have a much more personal tone. In this approach, I work with a photo of the person living in the spiritual world.

Written channeling sessions can take place face-to-face or remotely.

For remote sessions, the channeled text (comprising several pages) is sent by email.

As for face-to-face sessions, they can be recorded (the text is read during the session) and the text is also delivered by email, following the session.

Session cost: CHF 140

Session duration: 1 hour

Extract from a channeling message

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