Written channeling

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to communicate with the spiritual world.

This communication has taken on different aspects and forms. The words used have changed, the techniques employed have varied. However, the aims of this communication have always been the same:

  • To obtain messages that will raise our vision of life on this earth.
  • To receive messages to allow wisdom and love to fill our earthly lives.
  • Understand some of the challenges we face in our own earthly evolution.
  • Receive support from the spiritual world to help us face certain challenges in our lives.

Through contact with great spiritual masters, I have developed my own channeling technique.

A channeling technique where the words are dictated to me and resonate within me. Intense, powerful channeling that has the immense advantage of being delivered in written form.

A writing that always accompanies you. A writing that can be reread and meditated on in everyday life.

The channeling sessions on offer take place at a distance. You send me a question, a request or a subject you want to discuss by email or telephone. Within 7 days, I will send you the answer from the spiritual world.

The answers from the spiritual world are deep and developed. The spiritual world is not content to give imprecise information. On the contrary, it provides clear and very detailed answers. So when a subject is raised, the spiritual world will give a very precise answer with many details.

Get the support of the spiritual world. Get its guidance to help you evolve in wisdom and love. Go beyond the conditioning of your own mind to receive an information or an answer full of wisdom and love from the spiritual world.

Price: CHF 140.- (Written channeling CHF 120.- + translate CHF 20.-)

Location : Distance (contact by email or phone)

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